Falcon Anti Drone

Drones are available to everyone and can be found in almost every toy and hobby store. Drones are finding huge popularity in Photography, National Events, News Reporting, Weather Forecasts, Animal Behavior Studies, Agriculture, Search and Rescue Operations, Firefighting, Traffic Monitoring, Oil & Gas.. etc.


Although all of the good advantages of drones, if it is in the wrong hands it can be purchased and modified to achieve dangerous tasks, from spying on people, to carry and deliver dangerous payloads like weapons and drugs. Drones can put commercial flights and international airports in danger too.

The Smallest, Lightest & Most Powerful Anti-Drone System in the World

Longest Effective Range in the Market Blocks GPS and Common ISM RF Bands (Customizable Upon Request)
Cold Start time is Less than 0.1 seconds Successfully Demonstrated in Field Tests USA Electronic Components
Designed to Handle ME Environment (more than 60c degrees)
Single Operator Portable System (no additional peripherals required)

Lightweight (Aluminum and heat resisting Plastic)
Low risk, Silent and Fast Response
No Ejected Projectiles
Easy to Use (Minimum Training Required)
Futuristic Design Style

Long Battery Operating Time of 3 hours (no external electricity required)
Longest Stand by Time (up to three months)

Each Unit Tested and Calibrated Individually for Ultimate Quality Assurance
Arabic and English Support
Cost Effective


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