When we first entered the marker, we owned about 15% of the market share of drones. In two years, we now control the market with more than 95% of drones sales in Kuwait. And soon will expand our services to Dubai and the rest of the GCC area.

Highest Quality

At NMC, we don't deal or sell low-quality brands, if you look at our range of companies, we only deal with the most promising brands in each category.

Our Story

New Market Company started in 2002 importing Gift items that were sold to diffrent hospitals and gift shops. After the success of the gift items, NMC started importing diffrent toys and RC planes items. In 2008, when DJI started growing globally, NMC starting a very small workshop with our engineer Nezar Sami Beidas. After the success of the workshop and the increase popularity of DJI, NMC started talking to DJI about importing their drones to be sold in Kuwait and it was a huge success. After it in few months, NMC started selling hundreds of DJI products which allowed us to start our first Store in 2014, Falcon RC Hobby. To this day, we don't just sell drones, planes, and boats to make money, but we truly share this passion and love for this hobby with all of our customers.

Feel Free to Contact us

If you see any opportunity to work with us, please feel free to email us or give us a call