New Market Company is the one of the most important dealers in the Middle East and North Africa.

Certified Workshop

Falcon Vision and DJI Kuwait (one of NMC companies) is the first DJI certified Workshop in the Middle East.

Anti-Drone Solutions

New Market Company is the first and only Anti-Drone specialist in the Middle East. 100% developed at our Lab.

Anti Drone Solutions

Why Anti-Drone?

Drones are available to everyone and can be found in almost every toy and hobby store. Drones are finding huge popularity in Photography, National Events, News Reporting, Weather Forecasts, Animal Behavior Studies, Agriculture, Search and Rescue Operations, Firefighting, Traffic Monitoring, Oil & Gas.. etc.

Although all of the good advantages of drones, if it is in the wrong hands it can be purchased and modified to achieve dangerous tasks, from spying on people, to carry and deliver dangerous payloads like weapons and drugs. Drones can put commercial flights and international airports in danger too.

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